Collection Storage Project Complete

New compact shelving

The last six months have been a flurry of activity in our basement. With over 22,000 artifacts, the basement can be a crowded place. However, thanks to a Museum Assistance Project grant from Heritage Canada and funding from the City of Port Moody, the Heritage Society has new compact shelving units in half of our storage. Bury Media did a great job installing the movable shelving last March. Then our Collection Assistant, Peter Wallace spent the last four months re-shelving all the artifacts. Now, our storage facilities are the envy of every museum with artifacts safely stored away. The new shelves have also given use more space to continue collecting into the future.

Thanks to many great volunteers for helping to move so many large and heavy artifacts. Thanks also to Williams Moving and Storage for providing storage for our valuables for a few months.


New picture shelving

New office space for donations and research.


  1. We have two artifacts that might interest you – one is a Empire typewriter, circa 1892, the other a Rogers Majestic Radio, patented 1916 but date of manufacture unknown.
    If you are interested in these items, please let us know – either on email, or phone at
    604 942 9822.
    Thank yoy

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