Museum Staff Take to the Water

To celebrate the last few weeks of the summer students’ jobs, the staff of the Port Moody Station Museum took to the water for a new perspective on Port Moody’s history. Thanks to Jamie and his staff at Rocky Point Kayak, we spent a morning exploring Port Moody from Burrard Inlet.

Laurel and Bronwen practicing on dry land

Setting out from Rocky Point, we started our trip by visiting the seals and their pups on the log booms as we passed the Flavelle Mill.


A mother seal and her pup

We paddled along the south shore until we reached Reed Point Marina, passing the site of the first CPR station in Port Moody along the way. After crossing over to the north shore of the inlet, we paddled past the old Ioco refinery and the Ioco town site – very important parts of Port Moody’s past and present.


Jim working hard while Rebecca stops to take pictures

All along the way we had beautiful views of the mountains and the water, saw plenty of wildlife (seals, herons, cormorants, and even sea lions!), and had a great time paddling, splashing, and laughing.


Matt in his sombrero


Devon paddling like a pro


  1. Callie carter says:

    I was kayaking by IOCO refinery last night, there is a large black iron cross on a tiny spit. There is no mention what it represents.

    Thank you,

    Curiously Callie

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