ELSA Programs at the Station Museum

ELSA (English Language Services for Adults) classes have been discovering local heritage and history at the Port Moody Station Museum this summer. Each program has been designed to suit differing levels of English knowledge and understanding.

Our Level 1-2 program, “Daily Life in the Home,” involves the identification of household objects and understanding of how each object relates to a daily activity undertaken in the home, such as laundry, childcare, or entertaining guests. Students get to explore the Museum and begin to get a sense of what Port Moody’s early residents’ lives may have been like.

“Community Services Then and Now” is our Level 2-3 program, which involves students learning what kinds of community services were important to Port Moody residents when the city was brand new. Students participate in a role-playing activity, some as vendors and service providers, and some as consumers. Each interaction requires students to practice vocabulary and skills such as making a purchase, giving or getting information, and conversing in English.

Our Level 3-4 program, “Transportation and Communication,” focuses on Port Moody Station’s role as a communication hub during its life as an operating CPR train station. Using maps, timetables, and advertisements from the past, students can plan a trip to a destination in Canada. Students also participate in a scavenger hunt around the Museum that shows different ways people communicated and traveled through Port Moody Station in the early 20th century.

We are currently seeking funding to create a Level 4/5 program. In the meantime, Level 4/5 classes are welcome to book a tour of the Museum, after which students have a chance to explore it as they fill out a worksheet that requires them to search for written and visual clues.

We can provide pre-visit resources to teachers before their visit to familiarize students with vocabulary they’ll encounter during the program. Programs are all about 90 minutes long, and cost $3.00 per person. To book a program or for more information, visit our website (http://portmoodymuseum.org/programs/home-school/), email info@portmoodymuseum.org, or call us at 604-939-1648.

An ESLA class at the Station Museum

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