Old Timers Wanted!

Staff at the Museum are furiously writing this summer! Work on the Port Moody history book is progressing rapidly, with an expected completion in early 2012, but we need the help of any and all seniors with memories of life in Port Moody.

The Museum has arranged two reminiscing meetings in the remaining summer months. These meetings are a venue for seniors to reminisce and share memories of their times in Port Moody, which will be used to guide the history book’s content.

Recent meetings have covered topics such as Moody Centre, including the schools, churches and businesses throughout the years, as well as transportation and May Days and Golden Spike Days. The information shared at these meetings has provided invaluable assistance during the writing process.
The remaining meetings will held at 10am on the 4th Thursday of every month, at Kyle Centre. The topics are:

July 28th – Community Services (City Hall, the public library, police, fire and ambulance services, public utilities, etc.)
August 25th – Sports and Recreation (including community halls, Rocky Point Park, and organized sport)

Do you have any photos on these topics? Bring them to the meeting, or donate a copy to the Museum!

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