Students are Animating History at the Station Museum

reel 2 real

This Spring, classes from across the Lower Mainland came to the Port Moody Station Museum to learn the story of building the CPR in a new and exciting way – through animation. Using paper cut out animation techniques taught by a professional animator during the workshop, each class created a series of scenes based on the story of John A. MacDonald’s dream to unite Canada by railway. Our partner organization Reel 2 Real helps provide a quality animation experience with the use of computers and cameras. By the end of the 4.5 hour workshop, classes have created a 1-2 minute film illustrating the classic Canadian story.
In the process of creating the film, students learn about MacDonald’s dream and the politics and work that it took to make it come true. Scenes often included depict surveying the West, Chinese workers blasting tunnels in BC, hammering the last spike and Lady MacDonald riding the cowcatcher. Students have the opportunity to go deeper into the history and think about what life would have looked like 130 years ago. What would people wear? How would they travel and communicate? Teachers comment that students who are often disinterested in history, become engaged. The workshop is also a great opportunity for students to practice teamwork and appreciate the many skills it takes to create an animated film.
Check out the videos that these groups made above.
For more details on the workshop go to the Animating History section on our School Programs page.

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