Station Museum Needs Park Photos

Port Moody Park

The Port Moody Station Museum celebrates Heritage Week this Feb. 21 to 27 with displays about local parks and an Antique Appraisal event on Feb. 27th. We have created two displays celebrating park heritage. Working with the Port Moody Parks Department and Heritage Commission, we are putting together a display about the history of Port Moody parks at City Hall. The other display, at the Station Museum, depicts the natural history of the Inlet and the impact of human development on the area.

While the Station Museum maintains a large number of historical photos, there are very few that show families enjoying local parks over the years. It is our hope that long time Port Moody residents will be willing to loan us photos taken in local parks in years gone by. These images would provide a great compliment to our park history display at the Galleria. The display will include information about local parks and features information about the parks creation and uses. Images of parks such as Old Orchard, Easthill, Westhill, Pioneer Memorial and Belcarra would be helpful. These parks have all played a significant role in the community but have very little historical documentation.

The Natural History display is on at the Station Museum now until the end of March. It features full sized taxidermy animals including a bald eagle, lynx and river otter. Visitors can learn more about the natural history of the Inlet and the effects of human settlement. The Park History display will be showing at the City Hall Galleria from Feb. 21st to March 6th.

For further information or to loan a photo, contact: Rebecca Clarke, Museum Coordinator at 604.939.1648 or

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