Easter Event 2010 a Great Success

What a day it was last Sunday. We were overwhelmed by the over 1500 people who came to the Museum to enjoy all of our Easter activities. It was a great fundraiser for the Port Moody Heritage Society and the Station Museum.

We gave away about 800 bags of chocolate eggs. Hundreds of Easter hats were made and worn to Pajos for free fries. All of our performers were fabulous – Joyce Johnstone and Twinkletoes danced beautifully, Dennis Hewson wowed us with his magical abilities and Nigel Tucker was a delight to our ears.
To see photos go to our Flickr page at www.flickr.com/photos/55316408@N00/sets/72157623672657867/.

Feedback has been very positive. We will work hard to continue to improve this every year. So mark your calendar!


  1. Anonymous says:

    After we had our own little hunt, we went to Rocky Point for their Easter Hunt. We didn't realize that there was a "toddler" section with larger eggs, so Ella was "forced" to look for marbles which could then be traded in for chocolate eggs. On the rocky ground Andrew and I thought the marbles would be hard to spot, so we would point them out with our toes and Ella would scoop them up, but we soon realized that she could spot them fine without us (maybe being closer to the ground helped!) and there were hundreds of marbles! I assumed that as the marbles were traded in for eggs that they were re-dispersed, but it took awhile for me to figure out how it was being done. And then we saw him. A lone teenager, ambling through the crowd and surreptiously dropping marbles from his dangling hands. He moved slowly, and would drop them near groups of kids, but when their backs were all turned. I don't even think the parents noticed, he was SO good! We caught his eye and mouthed the word "AWESOME" to let him know we thought he was doing a good job, but what made it so impressive to me, is that he was obviously old enough to know how the Easter Bunny works, but still wanted to keep the mystery alive for the kids. We appreciated that and thought that the entire event was really well thought out and implemented. If anyone knows who put this together (Shirley, maybe you know?) then please give them our thanks! I don't often get to join my family in Port Moody events and I so enjoyed my Easter marble hunt! (Though I must confess we found a few extra's in Ella basket after we left, sorry, more treasures to add to her purse, you know)

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