Message from the Gardener: Part 1 Lemon Cucumbers

During 2009, we grew many interesting vegetables in our Heritage Garden. Much of it was donated to our local food bank (they were often intrigued by our unusual harvest). Two of the foods we grew were popular 60-100 years ago but we rarely see today – lemon cucumbers and citron melon.

Here is a picture of the lemon cucumbers. They tasted like cucumbers and were rather seedy but looked more like lemons. It turned out that the vines were quite productive and since we harvested so many, it was possible to make some pickles with them. The pickles turned out yellow but I think it was because of the tumeric. Here is a picture – oops, I ate some! They are a bread and butter type pickle and kind of sweet in flavour.

We are now planning our garden for 2010. If you are interested in volunteering contact Rebecca at

Sport Heritage Presentation Excellent

Don Cunnings gave an excellent presentation last Monday evening about the history of sports and recreation in the Tri-Cities area. Great stories about working as a lifeguard at the Rocky Point Seapool and as a recreation coordinator at Riverside (formerly Essondale) as well as many other local organizations. Did you know that during WWII most of the trained coaches went to war and local school teams had to coach themselves?

More Mention of the Museum – TriCities Examiner –

There was more mention of the museum relating to the Heritage Week Display honouring sports and athletes of the past. Lynne Melcombe wrote in their TriCities Examiner section as part of their “Vanouver’s Winter Games 2010” section about it:

Port Moody Station Museum has come up with an interesting way to honour the 2010 Winter Olympics and local heritage at the same time. From February 10 to 28, they will be hosting a display of sports and recreation from days past at the Port Moody City Hall Galleria and the Museum.

You can read the rest of the article on their site:

Port Moody Station Museum honours sports and athletics of the past

The exhibit and the museum are getting a lot of coverage with the Olympics in town.

Report on our coming Heritage Week Events in

There was a article on us in The website describing our Heritage Week events on their “Spirit and Heritage in the Tri-Cities: The” page:

February 15-21 is Heritage Week,and the Port Moody Station Museum [map] offers you a few ways to celebrate. On Sunday, February 14 there will be a silent movie showing from 2-4pm. See a variety of silent movie shorts featuring well known performers. Fee is $10 per person, or free to Heritage Society members. On Monday, February 15 the Community Display Opening Night will take place from 7-8:30pm. Local recreation historian Don Cunnings will give a presentation on the history of sport and recreation in Port Moody and the Tri-City area. Light refreshments provided and admission is free. For more information on either event call 604.939.1648 or email

It might be an interesting place to check out for Heritage events in our area.

Silent Movie Matinee

Join us Feb. 14th 2-4pm for a trip back in time with our Silent Movie Matinee. Watch sport and recreation themed shorts with silent movie greats such as Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy, Buster Keaton and Fatty Arbuckle. Guaranteed laughs for all ages. And just for kicks have some $25 popcorn.

Admission is $10 – free to Port Moody Heritage Society Members.