Museum mentioned in The Tri-City News

“Scour your collection for collectibles”

The Port Moody Station Museum was mentioned in The Tri-City News, January 26, 2010 – “Scour your collection for collectibles” by Diane Strandberg.

The Tri-City News – Scour your collection for collectibles

The article describes the upcoming displays of “vintage sports equipment” which will be on display next month for Heritage Week. The display will be at the Port Moody City Hall galleria and in the Port Moody Station Museum. We, The Port Moody Heritage Society, are looking for more items to include in the exhibit. The theme this year for Heritage Week is “Sports and Recreation”. There are items in the museum collection already,but we can always use more.

Sometimes article links in local papers are short lived so the article might not be available at this link for long.

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