No Boo-seum This Year

The Port Moody Station Museum will not be having the Boo-seum this halloween. Trick or Treaters are welcome to stop by between noon and 4pm on Friday or Saturday for candy.

A Report On a Field Trip to the Museum

Here is a blog item I found on the net about a field trip to our museum by a teacher. I believe it to be written by a Vancouver Elementary School teacher, but do not know for sure:

Field trip to the Port Moody Station Museum

The Port Moody Station Museum is a very important and interesting historical site. It is a direct link to B. C.’s past. Without the railway, who knows what Canada would look like today.

To learn a little about the importance of the railway, take a few minutes to view the video titled ‘Forging the National Dream’. After viewing the video, go to the comment section and write one fact that you learned from watching the video.

Field trip to the Port Moody Station Museum – Class-e-News Blog

2009-2010 Executive

As of the recent AGM here is the current Executive and Board of Directors for the Port Moody Heritage Society:

  • President Wayne Beggs
  • Vice President Darrell Penner
  • Treasurer Irene Reid
  • Secretary Al Davies
  • Past President Dianna Brown
  • Director Mary Anne Cooper
  • Director Curtis Fullerton
  • Director Pamela Hagen
  • Director Ann Hulbert
  • Director Dexada Jorgensen
  • Director Amanda Maplethorp
  • Director Bruce Schroeder
  • Director Andy Wickey
  • Honorary Al Sholund
  • In memorium Weldon Haley
  • Manager/Curator Jim Millar
  • Programs and Events Coordinator Rebecca Clarke
  • Bookkeeper Deb Naso