Easter Egg-stravaganza at the Port Moody Station Museum

Easter Egg-stravaganza at the Port Moody Station Museum

Port Moody, BC, March 23, 2008 – The 7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Port Moody Station Museum once again invites the young and young-at-heart to search for the illusive Easter Egg. Voted one of the top ten Easter activities in the Lower Mainland, the hunt always bring smiles to hundreds of chocolate lovers.

“This year we are pleased to have the Boathouse Restaurant at Rocky Point join us in this popular community event,” says Jim Millar, manager/curator. “They will be taking pictures of our guests with the Easter Bunny and giving them out as keepsakes.” The Easter celebrations also include face painting, Easter hat making, crafts area, entertainment, lunch concession stand and of course the Easter Bunny himself.

Pajo’s Fish and Chips at Rocky Point Park, who have supported the efforts of the Museum in the past years, will be providing free french fries to children visiting Pajo’s wearing the Easter hat they made at the Museum.

Jim continues, “It really is a good feeling to have local businesses not only support the efforts of the Museum, but really want to participate in events which bring families and the community together.” The “Egg Hunters” search the museum grounds to find “eggs” which are redeemed for treats. “It is a hunt not a race,” Jim adds.

The Egg Hunt is held on Easter Sunday, March 23, Noon – 2pm – rain or shine. (bring boots and umbrellas). Suggested $2.00 donation per person.

Maud Sanford
Museum Administrative Assistant


  1. Curator and Collector says:

    Hello; I wanted to say “thanks” for putting out a blog for your museum. Canadian museum blogs are under-represented on the internet, and since I like both museums and blogs, I hope that will change.

    Incidentally, I understand that the Port Moody Station Museum blog is likely to be the first museum blog in Canada; I am looking for others, but have found very few so far. If you know of any more, could you leave a comment here?

    Thank you and best wishes,
    Nathan B.

  2. The Port Moody Station Museum says:

    Hi Nathan,

    Thank you for your kind complement and comments. I would hope there are other museum blogs in Canada, but you may know more than I do about this. I haven’t had as much time as I would like to surf looking for them.

    A blog, I find, is a way that an organization such as a museum can have a dynamic and vital link to the public through the Internet. Perhaps other institutions and larger ones might use other tools for this like combinations of forums and their website? I can see where a larger museum might go the route of a forum instead of using a blog. A blog is fairly simple for a small organization to administer and manage. It also would be good for individual projects at a larger institution.

    Of course these are my own opinions on it and I am constantly learning.

    Thank you for your interest.

    ~ Darrell Penner
    Port Moody Station Museum Webmaster

  3. Curator and Collector says:

    Hi Darrell,

    Thanks so much for this response. I agree with much of what you have written in your comment, especially the part about links with the community.

    As for the larger institutions, I think they tend to put out press releases which are then picked up broadsheet dailies and larger news organizations. Most of these archive their press releases on their site, so I suppose that is sort of blog-ish.

    I do seem to remember finding a large American museum with a blog, but I’m going to have to find it again.

    In any case, thanks for your kindness in responding!

    Best wishes,

  4. The Port Moody Station Museum says:

    I’ve been doing a bit of searching for Canadian Museum Blogs yesterday and today and was surprised not to find many. Some of the medium sized ones have some quite active content I find and places for interaction.

    I think perhaps there might be room for review of some Canadian Museum Websites here in our blog.

    ~ Darrell

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