A Custodian of History

From the Fall 2007 Edition
A Custodian of History
by Nigel Tucker

One of the fascinating aspects of performing traditional music is the historical backgrounds of the music. The traditional musician could well be considered to be a custodian of the music and the music’s history. During my career as a traditional musician, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many people who are dedicated to the preservation of history. About two years ago, I met an extraordinary man who is dedicated to ensuring that our history is kept alive and enjoyable.

This man’s ability to have people enthused about their own history is matched only by his ability to get along with them. He is unique in his accommodating personality and his passion for making history enjoyable, and I have the pleasure of working with and learning from him whenever I can. To have such an individual as a museum curator is wonderfully beneficial to the history of the community, the province and the country. History is full of treasures, and the people who look after the treasures are in my view treasures themselves. We have a great treasure in our curator Jim Millar.

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