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From the Fall 2007 Edition

Curator’s Corner
Jim Millar

Time certainly is marching on – it’s fall already! We have had a productive summer, with five students workers supported by grants from Service Canada and Young Canada Works (YCW). We were also successful with YCW to hire Courtney Hagen as a Research Assistant for the fall. It’s nice having an ‘extra’ person around helping out. She will be working with the Collection; currently she is scanning maps. These old city planning maps are in great need of conservation work; therefore they will be sent to the Canadian Conservation Institute.

We were also successful in obtaining an Apod grant from the Centre for Sustainability. This will provide the means to evaluate ourselves and make sure we are making the best use of our resources both now and in the future.

A disappointment was not receiving the Museum Assistance Program funding from Heritage Canada. It was a tight budget year for them with the program being cancelled last fall but reinstated after much public outcry. We had wanted to expand our education program by hiring a program staff person, but now will have to rely on more heavily on volunteers for it.

The recently renovated (and renamed) Large Exhibit Room is working out well. It was great for the AGM, as well as the Dutch and Veterans Affairs display for Canada Day and now the Laundry Through The Ages display. Hope you have been able to stop by and see it.

I met with Bruce Hitchinson, the grandson of the brickyard owner. Actually John Hutchinson Sr. had 3 brickyards in Port Moody. He shipped all his bricks by scow to Vancouver, so Port Moody did not have any brick houses in the early days. Bruce provided some interesting photographs and is trying to find more information for us.

A couple of major maintenance items: the Venosta roof is leaking again and if anyone knows a structural engineer and builder that could help us repair the platform, please let us know.


  1. In doing a genealogical search on ancestors I have a John Hutchinson, born about 1877, married to Christina Harper, residing in Port Moody around 1908 etc. Christina died in 1939 in Port Moody. Could I know more about your John Hutchinson and perhaps you have a contact of this family for me to get in touch with? Thank you so much.

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