What's Up?

What’s up in the Garden? Well I can tell you the peas seem to be doing quite well. They’re not in the garden but in the small greenhouse on the south side of Charlie’s Shed at the Southwest corner of the museum near the Venosta. They looked to be over a foot tall already. Looking around at the Heritage Garden at the other corner of the museum grounds the onion sets and rhubarb looked to be doing excellently as well. I’ll have some more pictures coming in future instalments.

The gardening at the is mostly done by volunteers and we are always looking for help with the gardening and landscaping chores! Give a call at the museum if you want to help or even if you want to learn a little I am sure someone can show you the ropes. (Or gardening twine. 😉 )


  1. Darrell Penner says:

    I wonder if those peas are heritage varieties? I know that many of the plants on the museum grounds – in particular in the Heritage Garden – are.

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