Home home with the trains….

A killdeer bird makes its nest among the tracks at the museum.

A picture of the killdeer that made it’s home between the tracks in front of the museum last summer. Museum staff kept the nest from being disturbed and the hatchings given a chance to take wing.


  1. VILLAGE * says:

    As with all changing of the seasons . We , who live in this REGION.., have a great need for some kind of MIRROR. (* radio ) , that could reflect back our area to the respective 5 community of geography that make up our particular corner of the planet*.

    These particular HUMAN SETTLEMENTS have over a near 100 years for most made up the basic elements of what makes us communities to this day*

    Of course there were , some 10,000 years earlier other Human Settlements that have much to teach us , and it is my intention through all forms of COMMUNICATIONS WINDOWS available , such as this BLOG for instance and future communications windows..such as RADIO INTERNET type means of reflecting back our region to ourselves..*

    It’s spring after all.., and since this particular train station .. as one with a national destiny since the very beginnings of canada .. then it’s only fitting now to see it find it’s – albeit – late role …, played .. via ONLINE type roles..

    RADIO, anyone..? online radio…

  2. The Port Moody Station Museum says:

    Hi Village,

    It sounds interesting to me, but I speak only for myself and not the museum. Why not drop an email either to the museum or to me. (Darrell)

    Of course the museum sit nearly at sea level, but I think we have line-of-sight to a large chunk of Port Moody other than what is on top of some of the hills.

    I’m listed as the museum Web Master.

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