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Telegram - PMSM Newsletter Winter 2006


Dot Harinen

As we watch 2006 drawing to its end, the coming of the Holiday Season and the birth of a new year, our thoughts are drawn to this year’s accomplishments.

The installation of new drainage around the Museum building, completed last summer, has relieved the worry of water in the basement. The air conditioning installed in 2005 for increased preservation of the artifacts had an added bonus of keeping staff and visitors cool and happy during last summer’s heat spell.

Our summer staff, sponsored by HRSDC Summer Career Placement assisted in the designing and fine tuning an Educational Program which is now ready for launch and presentation to visiting school students. Time was spent assisting the Display Improvement Committee in the set up of new displays, researching the Tax Rolls and acting as tour guides to Museum visitors. In the fall, they continued to work and began the MAP project. This entails scanning of our collection of 1883 – 1887 Gazette newspapers into electronic technology. These scans of written words, taken from paper, are now preserved and saved from the rigors of time and will be easier to research.

2006 saw changes in staff as we lost Oana to the Surrey Museum, due to the uncertainty of City funding to cover the Assistant position. Fortunately Maud has taken over the Museum Assistant position and is concentrating on fund raising from outside sources. Bob Kerr, who has handled our financesover ten years, has given us notice that he wishes to step back and enjoy retirement. Many thanks go to you Bob and also to Willie Savage, who left the treasures position in April, for your combined dedication over so many years. We welcome Karen McGregor who has taken over the accounting duties working in-house at the Museum. In addition two new faces, Wayne Beggs and Mauray Toutloff who joined our Board of Trustees at the AGM.

A special thank you goes out to the many volunteers who devoted many hours to ensure our events ran smoothly. Your efforts are noticed and greatly appreciated. Hopefully you will continue to help us out. Of course, we cannot overlook the number of visitors and supporters who came out, you are the reason why we stage various events throughout the year.

What can you expect in 2007? The Display Improvement Committee continues to concentrate its thoughts on how and what needs to be done in the Freight Shed area of the Museum to provide a user friendly versatile space for new displays and an environment suitable for teaching or other special events.

On behalf of our staff and the Board of Trustees of the Society, we take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and happy prosperous 2007.

We look forward to seeing soon.

Port Moody Station Museum
*Excerpt taken from the Station Telegram newsletter for the Port Moody Station Museum. Winter 2006 Issue. Available at the museum.

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