We're Back!

It’s been a while since this blog has been updated. Our old PMSM Assitant Director Oana Capota has moved on to the Surrey Museum.

A bit about me: I appear to be a life-long student. Tragically going into my 8th year at UBC next year, I am finishing up post-graduate studies (graduated in May 2005) in Classical Studies (Greece, Rome, Egypt, etc.) and hopefully by the end of next year will be accepted into a graduate school in eastern Canada to study Greek, Hellenistic and Roman armies. Just one more year of Greek and Latin to go! If only Port Moody had more military history! I suppose the Royal Engineers shooting cannonballs into the Inlet for fun will have to do.

So what have we been doing?

Jim Millar, our curator, is feverously seeking additional funding to help with the renovation of our freight shed museum area plus to help recover money the museum recently spent on replacing pipes in the basement and for installing a new toilet.

Maud Sanford, our new Assistant Director, has been getting us additional media exposure and getting friendly with the community.

Kristin Meier is working on improving our exhibits. She can’t wait to redo the freight shed.

Bryan Stone is working on improving our archives, particularly the computer database.

Jen Bergeron is working on the oral history project.

Sean Lambert is working to assist Maud and Kristin, and also with volunteers Cecile and Mary Anne on a CP Rail Unit for elementary school students.

Check back very soon, I promise there will be lots of new updates.

Sean Lambert

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