Startling Greeting

I wouldn’t say that they were scary per se. But, try, after a week, to come to work and be greeted by pioneer Captain James Clarke and Port Moody’s first mayor, Perry Roe, and you would be startled too.

Museum Greeters

Volunteer and board member Mary Anne borrowed the two photos, went to London Drugs and had them blown up to this size. She mounted them on plywood and Curator Jim Millar then affixed some stands to their backs.

Clarke and Roe will be part of the Heritage Week 2006 display at Port Moody City Hall. The Port Moody Heritage Commission will also invite the city councillors to come and take photos with the first mayor.

By Oana Capota

Olden Days Audio

A few days ago a long-time contributor brought in a small reel of magnetic tape, reel to reel. She was hoping it would be an olden-days oral history interview with her mother. So, the curator, Jim, went into the attic space to resuscitate the Sony reel to reel player, oh yes an antique but a pro quality suitcase-sized mechanism with two detachable speakers and a set of backlit meters.

The tape ended up being a wildly rambunctious exploration of the interesting qualities of static and “clipping”, a phenomenon in sound recording that occurs when the signal far exceeds the tolerances of the recording device. In other words this was a childrens’ singing scream fest replete with off-key caterwauling and ape noises. It was adorable. I might add that as a radio programmer for a campus radio station sound art program this was like gold to me. I made a copy for the donor. I may reserve one for my show…

By Caelan Griffiths