VFS Location?

A group of Vancouver Film School scouts arrived in the rain today to check out the Venosta train car for the film they are making. They snapped digital pictures and measured and imagined. One guy had very fashionable jeans that had been “distressed” and patched, it seemed fitting for him to wear antiqued denim. They paused at many angles to determine how useful the views from the windows could be. In the end it seemed like the two berths that the museum has restored will be the most useful locations.

Promises were made all around, and shooting times are to be determined. It would seem that our train car will make into more than one student film! They seem like a good bunch of dedicated filmmakers. All young and burbling with potential.

Oh yes the film is set in the late 1880s and although our car was built in the 1920s it seems to be a satisfactory approximation. Their subject is the horror-filled days of a certain American writer’s final months, full of intrigue, nasty disease and general decay. Spooky…

By Caelan Griffiths


  1. Anonymous says:

    So word’s going around VFS that we’re good for filming…


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