This Week at the Museum

  • We sold out last t-shirt. It sat alone in the giftshop since 2004, when the penultimate t-shirt went its merry way. We should’ve taken a photo of it.
  • The Museum’s newsletter, the Station Telegram, is on its own merry way. We still have a few we need to fold and stick into envelopes. For those of you who aren’t members, here’s why you should be members: we have an excerpt from a historical newspaper about the dynamiting of pioneer John Murray’s house, highlights on three of the artefacts hidden in our vaults and some photos not on display at the Museum. Just go to our main website, download a membership form and send it to us with $20.
  • We discovered that Major J.S. Matthews lived and worked in Port Moody for many years.
  • We discovered the link between the Murrays and the Ems.
  • We discovered the possible date of Tom “Gunnysack” Riley’s arrest for nude sunbathing. Could it be 1933?
  • The compost bin is full. “We may have to take it out even though it’s freakin’ freezing,” says the Collections Assistant.
  • Oh, and we just got a call about one of the artifacts featured in our newsletter. It might be an early electric shock device. The Collections Assistant will start looking up medical devices. That was fast. We just mailed off our first batch of newsletters yesterday at 4 PM.

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