Where Did the Venosta's Name Come From?

Question: I grew up in Venosta, Quebec which is North from Hull Quebec along the Gatineau River. I would like to know how this railway car go its name.

Answer: We always tell people that we guess the Venosta to have been named for your Venosta. Unfortunately we don’t know for sure (it could have been named for the Venosta in Italy).

In the last few months since your email, all we’ve been able to uncover is that the Venosta‘s real name is the Glen Otter, not the Glen Atha as we were initially told. We were able to dig up an old plan for the railcar which elucidated this point.

The problem is, we are still no closer to finding out where the name really came from. We’ll continue to look around and will post it here if we do find the answer.

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