John Murray Sr. Descendants

Question: Does anyone here know of any descendants of John and Jane Murray? In the Vancouver area or elsewhere ?

Answer: The Murrays had seven children:

  • Hugh
  • John Jr.
  • William
  • Henry (who died as an infant)
  • Sarah (who married a William Black Kyle after whom a prominent street in Port Moody is named)
  • Mary Jane (who married Charles McDonough in 1882 and moved to Nanaimo)
  • and Annie (who married George Ems in 1885 and moved to Point Grey)

Hugh, William, Henry, Mary and Sarah all have streets in Port Moody named after them, as well as mom Jane Murray and St. Johns Street, after either the senior Murray or the junior Murray. The reason they are all immortalized on Port Moody’s maps is because of John Jr.’s influence: he was on the 1882 surveying party that subdivided the lots prior to the arrival of the first transcontinental train across Canada.

None of the other Murrays have contacted us; up until today we were aware only that John Murray Jr. stayed around and that he was a bachelor his whole life. This morning, however, I found an oral history interview in our collection that purports that John Jr. was indeed married and lived with his wife on Clarke Street. This contradictory information will take some time to sort out, provided we can find the records.

There is somewhat more information on the Murrays in the Early History of Port Moody by D. M. Norton. You can order this book from the Port Moody Public Library through the interlibrary system, buy it from the Museum ($15) or directly from the publisher. You can also see portraits of the senior Murrays as well as John Jr. at the Museum.


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  1. Heidi Tiessen says:

    I am part of the Murray family. My grandmother is a Murray. There are still members of the Murray family in Vancouver. I was at the museum today to show my son about the Murray family and found out things that I didn’t know about.

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