Museum Name

***Update: This post, from June 20, 2005, grew over the last few days. We’ve updated the date to reflect the changes. We’ve since gotten the new sign with our correct name created and it has been hanging on the outside of the Museum since July 1, 2005.***

The Museum is officially called the Port Moody Station Museum but we usually get called by every other name than that. So we took inventory of all the names the public uses in referring to the Museum:

  1. Canadian Pacific Railway Museum
  2. Heritage Port Moody Station Museum
  3. Port Moody BC Railroad Museum
  4. Port Moody Heritage Museum
  5. Port Moody Landing Museum
  6. Port Moody Museum
  7. Port Moody Rail Station Museum
  8. Port Moody Railway Museum
  9. Port Moody Railway Station Museum
  10. Port Moody Station House
  11. Port Moody Train Museum
  12. Port Moody Train Station Museum
  13. Rail Museum
  14. Railway Museum
  15. Station Museum
  16. Train Museum

We wonder if there are any other possible combinations people will come up with…soon we’ll have a new sign made up with our name so this might be a thing of the past.

By Oana Capota

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