Jim Sincock's Water-skiing Record

We received an email from someone in the U.S. state of Georgia last week:

“Just recently I was presented with the question “What is the longest distance anyone has ever traveled on waterskis?”

After doing many searches, I came across the Port Moody Sation Museum website and was happy to find some information regarding the question. However, I have not been able to find the actual record-breaking distance traveled by Jim Sincock.

If at all possible, please reply letting me know the distance traveled by Sincock.”

Silly us, we forgot to tell you in our last post.

It was 367 km or 228 miles.


  1. Ron Saunders says:

    Hello just reading about Jim. I am 78. I knew Jim, boated together etc. before I got married, 54 years ago.

    Yes, he did the Island to mainland ski.

    Ron saunders

    • Hi Ron, Yes I understand that Jim Sincock made this amazing world record continuous water ski from the old dock near Rocky Point Park all the way to Olympia, Washington. He did this with out falling! We have one of his skis in our collection.

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