Cyril Littlebury in Today's Tri-City News

Read about Dudley Booth and his collection of Cyril Littlebury’s photographs in today’s Tri-City News:

For about 10 years, a dapper gentleman with a large-format camera, neat penmanship and an interest in news, shipping and industry roamed the streets and harbours of Vancouver. Between 1922 and 1932, Cyril R. Littlebury took thousands of photos that recorded how the wheels of industry turned in the city…..

The photos were ….. of Vancouver city life in the 1920s and during the Depression years, including beach scenes, pictures of boats and buildings, such as Hotel Vancouver, that were under construction at the time, news events and Stanley Park view points.

The collection includes pictures of the dedication of Pier B.C. and the Harding Memorial in Stanley Park, photos of the Vancouver cenotaph being built, as well as of many remarkable ships and airplanes. There are even photos of hobos living in shanty towns south of what is known as Yaletown, near False Creek, during the Depression.

Heck, just read the whole article.

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