Cyril Littlebury

At the end of the month (see sidebar), we’ll be hosting a talk and slideshow of a collection of rare photographs taken by Cyril R. Littlebury, a man whose ten-year career ended in 1932, a casualty of the Depression, as he succumbed to cancer.

Now how did we get involved with Littlebury?

Through Dudley R. Booth.

The Port Moody Public Library referred Dudley to us and Dudley told us how he came to get this collection of Cyril’s photos.

In 1946, his dad had a truck. Because he had a truck he got all sorts of jobs. Many of the jobs had to do with carrying off junk. He got called to the house of Cyril’s father, Arthur, also a photographer. The elder Littlebury died on November 1, 1945 and was buried at the Ocean View Burial Park (now Ocean View Cemetery, in Burnaby).

Dudley’s dad saw a wooden briefcase and took it to his son instead of to the dump.

Dudley saw that inside the briefcase was stuffed with envelopes full of negatives. He saved them for years, not doing anything with them, until he grew up and discovered the magic of the iMac computer and the Epson High-Resolution Scanner.

Dudley never told us what either R stands for.

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