Halloween Haunted Train Highlights

As promised here is the Venosta railcar decked out as a hearse:

The Halloween Haunted Train and the Jack Truck

We could only upload a few photos online because, first of all, many of the photos were blurry, and, secondly, we do not yet have a Pro account with Flickr, which hosts our pictures. (We plan to get one starting in January.)

Friendly Witch with Carver

Above we have the welcoming crew of the Halloween Haunted Train.

Sometimes the kids would see Carver and get frightened before they even entered the train. Usually we told Carver to take off his mask and introduce himself. A few people asked if that was his real name.

The Black Bride

Trevor as the Black Bride scared visitors from his alcove behind the Venosta‘s sleeping compartments. We thought he was quite pretty. The Museum’s staff are big fans of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, by the way.

Anonymous Ghouls

This ghoul and his barely noticeable partner haunted the Venosta‘s kitchenette near the exit of the Haunted Train. We don’t recognize who these two guys are; if anyone knows their names, send us an email so we can acknowledge their help.

Update: Andrew wrote to us to give us his name: “On the blog, it was mentioned that the names of the ghoul and his partner were required. I have them, being the ghoul himself.” The other ghoul is Derek.

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