Halloween Haunted Train Successful

Well, it was a success. We got hundreds of people during the two days of our two haunted houses.

In its second year, we expanded the “Halloween Haunted Train and Flashlight Tours of the Haunted Museum” into a two-day event.

Last year, we put on the event for only one day on Halloween itself. It was a little difficult to put up all the decorations and then to immediately take them all down.

Plus, it’s too much to ask volunteers to spend three hours getting ready, then two hours operating the haunted houses, then an hour packing everything up. We tried it out over two days this year on the weekend before Halloween and it worked out better that way.

We were very lucky this year to have a few extremely dedicated volunteers. Our wonderful collections intern, Catherine, led the flashlight tours with her sister, replacing the Living and Dead Cinderellas of 2004. In a fortuitous turn of events, many cadets came to help on both days – Trevor as the Rocky Horror Picture Show corpse bride was particularly effective with the female-only costumes we had available for volunteers.

As the Port Moody Station Museum puts on this event with lots of volunteer help, the scariness of the event depended on the creativity and charisma of the volunteers. 2004’s premier ghoul, Carver (yup, that’s his real name), returned for the whole weekend as the Haunted Train initiation ghoul. Everyone also asked about Miki and Kate who re-enacted the Port Moody Chainsaw Massacre in our logging display on Saturday (we think they had to do homework on Sunday).

The best part was tonight, just before we wrapped up. When two ladies well over six years old came for a visit we alerted the ghouls that adults were coming their way. Bwa ha ha.

(We be posting the pictures of the ghouls on Tuesday.)

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