Your Ghost for the Evening Part 2

It was a stark and dormy night. Lightning wasn’t flashing and thunder wasn’t crashing but the freights were rumbling by as the passengers entered the passenger car.

It was the end of the war and Canadian soldiers were heading home from Europe. Trains carried the tired troops travelling across a triumphant Canada back to their loved ones.

Except for one soldier heading home to the quiet life of a widower. Three soldiers on this car, drinking perhaps a little too much to keep some cheer on the long journey home to Port Moody may have yet one more war story to tell before they reach home and hearth.

Soldiers returning from war, femme fatales, ditzy waitresses, a car hostess right out of the French Underground, and a too quiet barman in his quiet cubical doling out the drinks were all a part of the production.

When many were heading home for a well-deserved Saturday night dinner, some 43 souls were headed off on a train ride of “murder, mayhem and a marvellous meal.”

The Port Moody Station Museum celebrated “The Year of the Veteran” with a military theme when they had their annual murder mystery fundraising dinner Saturday night in their 1920s railcar, the Venosta, and a grand time was had by all as the story unwound through the evening.

The Port Moody Station Usual Suspects put on the first performance of a new murder mystery dinner, “Your Ghost for the Evening” by Darrell Penner, with meal catered by Mac of “Mac’s Galley” to a sold-out car.

The performance included both first time performers and veterans from the murder mystery dinners of the past six years.

Comments on the dinner included “Great!” “Had a Blast!” “I loved Betty and Molly!”

In addition to their traditional annual end of October performance, the Port Moody Station Usual Suspects occasionally puts on other performances during the year and might be booked to do a special performance for a group given sufficient advance warning. Contact the Port Moody Station Museum for further information at (604) 939-1648 or email

This Year’s Cast:

Private Warren Peterson played by Jim Millar
Private Clyde Barnette played by Matthew Savage
Private Martin Shuster played by Kevin Penner
Olive Christianson played by Loretta Dyck
Conductor Ben Herbert played by Darrell Penner
Kimberly Valentine played by Kristin Meier
Betty Holdover played by Samantha Savage
Molly Watt played by Kathryn Murray
Hostess Margarita played by Oana Capota
Server played by Jennifer Bergeron
Bartender played by Chris Penner

By Darrell Penner

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