Your Ghost for the Evening Part 1

Every year, the Port Moody Station Museum hosts one murder mystery fundraiser dinner. Our wonderful volunteers do everything from writing the script to acting to cleaning up afterwards.

This year our murder mystery dinner, “Your Ghost for the Evening,” was set in 1945, just as Canadian soldiers were returning from the front to a new life:

Privates Martin Shuster and Clyde Barnette

Above are actors Kevin Penner and Matthew Savage (Privates Martin Shuster and Clyde Barnette respectively). Missing is Private Warren Peterson (played by our Curator). Presumably Private Peterson was on his way to being murdered.

Museum director and actor Darrell Penner wrote this year’s script in July and August, despite family tragedy and what a good job he did!

Below is Darrell as the conductor:

The Conductor Takes Tickets

The entire production was done by volunteers, which included staff members putting in extra time outside their work hours. Even the serving was done by volunteers:

Molly Watt

Above we have actress Kathryn Murray as the sweet but bubble-headed waitress Molly Watt and below we have Samantha Savage as the blonde bombshell Betty Holdover.

Betty Holdover

And we can’t forget these two crafty ladies:

The Murderesses

(Left is Kristin Meier as Kimberly Valentine and at right is Loretta Dyck as Olive Christianson.)

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