Heritage Tour of Inlet Trail

Exploring Port Moody’s very photogenic Inlet Trail:

Heritage Tour of Inlet Trail

On Saturday October 8, the curator of the Port Moody Station Museum led a guided tour through Port Moody’s Inlet Trail to launch our new historical guide to the trail. Along with the locals who came on foot and on bicycle to learn about the trail, Geoff Scott of ICTV also filmed the walk.

The picture above shows the location of the former Tidal Swimming Pool; the bank is possibly a remnant of this pool. The pool, known as the Polio Pool during the poliomyelitis epidemics of the 50s, filled up with water from the inlet’s tides until the 1960s when a new pool was opened in the park itself.

The Heritage Tour of Inlet Trail guide is available at the Museum, at the Port Moody City Hall, at the Port Moody Public Library and at both ends of the trail.

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