Pennsylvania's Railroaders Memorial Museum

Here is another haunted train museum: the Railroaders Memorial Museum in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Among the usual orbs and mystery sounds, they also have an apparition:

As told by Cessna, Crownover and Wilson, the finance director was waiting for the fourth floor elevator. The elevator goes to the first three floors, but a person needs a key to get an elevator to the fourth floor. When the elevator opened on the fourth floor, the finance director saw a short man in the back of the elevator, facing the wall.

The man twisted his upper torso, briefly looked at the finance director and shimmered and faded upward and was gone.

A few weeks later, the finance director looked closely at the large photo on the first floor and came to a startling conclusion — the short man in the front of the photo was the same man he saw in the elevator.

Read more about its ghosts (and one gory death) here.

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