Prehistoric Times

This morning, a little girl asked us if we knew anything about a “prehistoric museum.”

“I went there with my school,” she told us. “It’s prehistoric. Like this museum. From the 1920s.”


  1. Darrell Penner says:

    Could she have been referring to a museum outside of BC like the Royal Tyrell museum in Alberta in the Badlands? Or have they gotten any of the recent prehistoric sites opened up with interpretive sites already. I am thinking of the place with the dinosaur tracks and now fossils recently in news and such, though I can’t recall the name of the town it was in/near. There is also a site towards the Rockies where there are very ancient fossils in shale or coal that I hadn’t thought were developed yet.

    Of course to a little girl “prehistoric” could mean many things. She could refer to an archeological site or something simply preColumbian like Osette or some other native american site?

    I gather if she was talking about “prehistoric” she wasn’t talking about Grandma. 😉 I would love to have found out more about what museum she had visited with her school
    __/ Darrell Wade \__________

  2. The Port Moody Station Museum says:

    Hi Darrell,

    Though we were just as puzzled, the girl’s grandmother remembered something about her having been to the Burnaby Village Museum in the past month. So that became our collective guess as to the “prehistoric” museum.

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