Lions Gate Model A Club

Model A's in Front of a Stormy Port Moody Station Museum

On Saturday October 1, the Lions Gate Model A Club visited the Port Moody Station Museum on a visit to the Teamsters Freight Transportation Museum.

Seven vintage Model A Fords stopped in for the afternoon:

Model A's Lined up in a Row

The cars had wonderful details:

Model A Hood Ornament

Is it a pheasant? Or a pigeon? Brushed and polished, this bird added prestige to this 1930s Model A.

Even the headlines were beautifully designed:

Another Model A Headlight

The symmetry and swoop of the door handles:

Model A Symmetry

Headlight and the horn below, an unforgetable “aawoooga!”

Model A Headlight

Adding personal aspects to the hood: the Ford insignia is made of wood:

Model A Hood

The fender is so well-polished it reflects the terror in the eyes of any squirrel about to be roadkilled:

Close-up of One of the Model A's

Creative use of roadkill, a blonde racoon is reincarnated as a side mirror tassel:

Model A with Tail

The wooden rack is made to fold down to carry a trunk. The door behind the spare wheel opens to provide more seating: the “rumble seat.” From the actual use of a steamer trunk as storage we have the name today: “trunk.”

Model A Rumble Seat

The “Eager Beaver”:

Model A in Front of the Vensota

The last car to arrive:

Model A from the Front

The Museum looked wonderful reflected off the cars:

The Museum Reflected

The Venosta train car in the background pre-dates the Model A’s by about 10 years. It was built in 1921:

Model A's in Front of the Vensota

The Lions Gate Model A Club also wrote about their visit (their page takes a long time to load), though they accidentally referred to us as the Canadian Pacific Railway Museum!

By Caelan Griffiths and Oana Capota


  1. Thanks to a photo of yours I could discover the model I pictured yesterday!

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