Photo Friday: Darkness

Waiting for Ghosts in the Venosta

For Photo Friday’s theme this week – darkness – here is a photo we took in June when Vancouver Paranormal visited the Port Moody Station Museum. (Click on the photo to see a bigger version.)

A Museum staff member, along with a friend, hosted Vancouver Paranormal while they investigated the possible haunting of the Museum. The group split into two, with half of the people in the Station itself and the other half in the Venosta railcar (above).

The Venosta did produce one other, more frightening photo, by a Vancouver Paranormal photographer. (Here is another photo from that night.)

Below is a photo of the video set-up in our kitchen (excuse the mess):

Setting up Video Equipment for Ghost Hunting

Walking through the darkened Venosta around the time when the creepy photo was taken:

Walking in the Darkness of the Venosta Railcar

The creepy face was in the first sleeping compartment. You can see the doorway on the right.

At the end of the night (or about 1 AM, when the Museum Assistant could no longer keep her eyes open), Vancouver Paranormal took a group photo:

Vancouver Paranormal

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