In Case of Nuclear War

For our Dark Side of Port Moody bus tours, when we’ll take visitors into a Coldwar-era bomb shelter, we’ve had to dig up an interesting artifact of the time: our copy of the Canadian government’s 11 Steps to Survival booklet.

11 Steps to Survival

In the introduction, Prime Minister Diefenbaker warns that “nuclear war is possible either by the intended actions of evil madmen or by miscalculation.”

As “little can be done to prevent damage to property,” the booklet focuses on making sure survivors survive:

“If you suspect that your clothes have fallout on them, remove your outer clothing before you come inside your home and leave them outside.”

11 Steps to Survival Radioactive Dust

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Our apologies for the lack of updates: we are super busy with grant applications and a whopping seven events for the month of October! We will try to update the Museum’s blog with all the exciting comings and goings more often.

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