McNair Mill

From Kris, our Research Assistant:

For the past several weeks I have been working on the transcription of the 1920 tax rolls of Port Moody. This way, in the future if someone wants to look up the owner of a lot of land, it will be much easier than sifting through the 40 lbs. books.

Also for the past several weeks, Jennifer, our Programs Assistant, has been working on a walking tour brochure of the inlet trail, located next to the museum in Rocky Point Park; she has been asking me if I had found the records of Robert McNair, the owner of McNair Mill, a mill that burned down and whose remnants can still be found along the trail.

Today, I finally located those records, which means that Jennifer can accurately confirm where the mill was located.

After my discovery, I went to the basement vault to look at the lot map of Port Moody from 1918 only to discover that the lots of land that Robert McNair owned had not yet been divided on that map; as a result, we are going to try to locate a slightly newer map that would tell us exactly what land Robert McNair owned.


  1. Was Robert McNair related to David McNair of Hendry McNair and co.

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