Murder Mystery

Darrell, one of our Board members and a super-duper volunteer, helped us out with the Halloween Haunted Train last year, Sinterklaas’ visit at Christmas, and always with our main website.

Something else that Darrell does is write scripts and act in our yearly Murder Mystery Dinners.

We’re just starting to pull strings together for our October 22 dinner this year and Darrell has some updates on the script:


I’m working on a new script for the Oct 22 Murder Mystery dinner. I’ve planned to set it at the end of WWII in light of this being the Year of the Veteran and the timing of the dinner being only weeks before Remembrance day. A chance for men to dress up as Johnny coming home from war to meet their sweetheart. Time for seamed stockings or at least drawn-on seams with wartime rationing.


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