Elementary School Tour of the Garden

Yesterday’s group of grade two and threes got a tour of the CPR garden along with the rest of the Museum.

We took one group to the edge of the mint section and asked the kids to rub the plants. Then we told the kids to smell their fingers. They were amazed. “It smells like real mint – too bad real mint can’t grow like this,” said one little girl.

Then we guided the children to the peas. Each child got one pea off the plant and a couple asked for take-outs for their siblings.

The kids pointed out the “purple bell flowers.” Everyone laughed at the name of the foxgloves. Foxgloves grow all over the Greater Vancouver region and we were surprised the kids had not heard this before.

Finally, our tour of the garden ended at the lemon balm with the same procedure that the kids went through at mint section of the garden.

Everything in the garden is now beautifully labelled with white markers stating each plant’s name. Our wonderful exhibits assistant made these gorgeous little signs.

A lot of the garden, however, is not growing as well as it should: it has been an incredibly wet spring and now summer, and the slugs are making the most of it. Tom, our master gardener, took a shovel and decapitated all the big slugs he could find. Next he is going to make the “Sudden Death Slug Pub.”

By Oana Capota

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