Picture Rail

In preparation for the Port Moody Heritage Society’s upcoming annual general meeting, we need to do some last minute changes to the Parlour and the Kitchen.

A few months ago we repainted these two rooms with period colours and we now change the displays on the Kitchen table and the piano “mantle” seasonally. Volunteer Linda Moncur changes the floral displays under the cloche on a weekly basis.

On Sunday, we are officially opening these two rooms to all the members of the society that runs the Museum. The last thing we need to do is to paint the picture rail – our new Exhibits Assistant went to work on painting it – and then hang it up, along with the pictures of John Murray Sr. and his wife, Jane Murray (whose two great grandsons visited the Museum this morning).

Well, that will be the second to last thing we need to do. We are also outfitting some cutlery (said to be a gift from Prime Minister John A. Macdonald) in a shadow box to decorate a Parlour wall.

You can see a close-up illustration of a picture rail here. The framed picture hangs on chains to the hook and the hook slips into the picture rail. The picture rail goes along the perimeter of the room, at about a foot under the ceiling.

An interesting idea we found while googling the illustration to which we linked, is a modern how-to on making a bulletin board picture rail.

By Oana Capota


  1. How wonderful! Our lovely little museum has a blog! When centuries collide…

  2. The Port Moody Station Museum says:

    Well, quite a lot of what we have in our Museum is 20th century, so we’re not that far off. 🙂

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