Filming, Newsletter & Other Tidbits

Today the Museum had its bimonthly mail-out. After a few days of assigning articles, clutching at words, then laying them out and trying to get everything to fit onto eight pages, our newsletter, the Station Telegram, was ready for printing. Then came the easy part: stapling, folding, inserting into enevelopes, stamping, and sealing. All members of the Port Moody Heritage Society get a copy.

That’s the normal part of our schedule here at the Museum.

Today, however, we also had a small army of film students from the Vancouver School of Film check out our Venosta.

Three representatives dropped by to scout the place last week. This morning, they brought the rest of their crew and a couple instructors to see if the place is, indeed, perfect.

After measuring tables and windows, and examining our electrical situation, they decreed that we will be a location in their film.

We went back to stapling and folding after that.

Also, the Tri-City News posted our antique appraisals show on their website. Like the Antiques Roadshow on tv, antique owners bring in their treasures to find out the story behind them and their monetary value. Also from the Tri-City News, there is our call for new board members.

By Oana Capota

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