Victory Trains

While most people are celebrating Mother’s Day today, we shouldn’t forget that it is also the sixtieth VE Day, the day when World War II ended in Europe.

The Port Moody Station Museum has in its collection a local newspaper bearing this pivotal date, with pictures of the smiling leaders of the victorious states (including Chiang Kai-shek, the only non-caucasian of the bunch). Today the focus is instead on mothers and getting ready for our busiest tea of the year.

Yet Russia is today commemmorating VE Day with Victory Trains.

The idea came from Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov; on May 4, a 20-car WWII-style train began travelling from Brest, which the Nazis attacked on June 22, 1941 at the beginning of their assault on the Soviet Union. The train is actually on its way back to Russia after making its way to Berlin on April 15 with 70 veterans as the Train of Remembrance, and was part of the Grand Expedition of Remembrance for young people.

From Brest, the Victory Train carried 450 veterans, stopping to place wreaths on the graves of unknown soldiers in Minsk, Orsha, Smolensk, Gagarin and Borodino.

Two other Victory Trains operated in Russia’s far east, leaving Khabarovsk on April 6 and April 11 respectively. Veterans onboard and in stations along the way were treated to gifts from rail officials and performances by amateur song and dance groups.

By Oana Capota


  1. Ruthita says:

    What a wonderful blog this is! I responded to your comment on mine, by the way, so I won’t take up space here saying the same thing.

    I just wanted to say what a treasure this is — I’ll bookmark it for further visits. My father was a bit of a train buff, and he would have loved reading this post!

    How beautiful that calling card case is, by the way, and as for Tintex stocking dye, I remember those days when you were always pulling mismatched stockings from your lingerie drawer.

    Thank you for a delightful read!
    Why don’t all museums have their own blogs? It seems a natural fit!
    -Ruth Raymond

  2. The Port Moody Station Museum says:

    Hi Ruth!

    Thank you for reading and thank you for letting people know about our Mother’s Day Tea.

    Yes, the card case is exceptionally lovely!

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