New Acquisition: Calling Card Case

Visiting Card Case

A beautiful silver-plated card case (above) was just donated to the Museum by Marjorie Almstrom.

According to Almstrom, it belonged to her sister, Ethel Carter, who came to Port Moody from England in 1911 or 1912. She received the case as a gift on her 21st birthday in 1923.

In the early 1920s, the cases were used to hold printed calling cards by the ladies of the “social elite.” It was customary to hold gatherings where callers would leave their calling cards for the ladies. If a lady was unable to attend the gathering she could send her card with someone else. The ladies would carry these cases which contained their own cards as well as those they received from the callers.

This particular case has flower embossing on each side as well as a silver chain and leather interior. The name of the owner of the case is also engraved at the top of the case near the clasp. The case contained a photo of Ethel’s husband who served in WWI, as well as her $3.00 membership to the Port Moody Amateur Athletic Association of the years 1922-23.

By Jennifer Bergeron


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